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Life at Whessoe

Life at Whessoe can be interesting, challenging, motivating and rewarding.   We offer an informal, relaxed and family-friendly work environment; and are committed to attracting, developing and retaining highly skilled, qualified and motivated people in the industry.


Whessoe Engineering Ltd is committed to providing a positive environment in which employees are recognised and valued for the differences in their experiences, abilities and skills; and where equal opportunities are provided for everyone.


See what some of our staff have to say about their ‘Life at Whessoe’



“Life within Whessoe is incredibly stimulating, exciting and very rewarding. The opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects and with people worldwide are fantastic!

Whessoe has an outstanding way of developing individuals with training courses and on the job training. There is always somebody to help and give advice if it is ever needed.”

James Britland – Senior Electrical Engineer



“Whessoe is a friendly place to work and I have found the staff here very welcoming. If I have a problem with my work or don’t understand a system there is always someone to help and I like the sharing of knowledge between colleagues. Even though I’ve only been here a short time I have already been given the opportunity to expand my role.”

Linda Hering – Receptionist


Gemma Warner

“Since joining Whessoe I have been involved with a variety of tasks which have allowed me to develop my engineering knowledge and I have learnt new skills which will aid in my career development.  The work at Whessoe can be demanding and a real challenge but I have relished the chance to do something different.  The team in which I work are friendly and helpful – there is a real culture of knowledge-sharing within our department.  The senior members of the department go out of their way to ensure that the less experienced engineers are given the opportunities and support needed to allow them to develop and learn. “

Gemma Warner – Structural Engineer




“In my 8 months with the company I have already learnt so much within my role. I came from the armed forces into construction but having now moved into Engineering I feel this is the start of my career and I will be able to progress and learn within Whessoe. I have a great team of mentors who have passed on their experience and been invaluable in terms of being a reference point and answering any questions I have had.  We now have a large project locally and from my involvement in this I am learning new skills every day.”

Matthew Brady – QHSE Engineer  


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